Charter holidays to Greenland

Even though it is not very trendy or cool to admit, I have always, as long as I can remember at least, loved going on charter holidays. Charter holidays are pretty much the only way of travelling, that I really enjoy, and they are pretty much the only way I have been travelling my whole life. When I was a child, with my parents, when I got older, with my friends and boyfriend and as an adult with my own children and now when I am retired, I go alone. The great thing about charter holidays is the fact that in most cases, they are cheap and not pretentious. Especially if you choose the different all inclusive offers there are available, you can save a lot of money. Therefore, I have gotten this great business idea of arranging charter holidays to Greenland. You are probably very confused about the thought of this. Greenland? Can you go on a charter holiday to Greenland?  Isn’t it too cold og snowing all the time? But no, you are wrong. There is a reason for its name. In the summer, there is a lot of sun and nature, which is very appropriate for a charter holiday.