Månedsarkiv: juni 2015


So versatile

What do you think about when I say Greenland tours? I am pretty sure that ice and snow comes to your mind, but what about other things? Did you know that Greenland is actually a thriving and versatile tourist destination? I did not know this, until I started researching new vacation destinations for my next holiday. I am quite the adventurer, and I simply love to explore new places and cultures. I have been to a lot of different places around the world, but had never thought about Greenland as tourist destination before I accidentally stumbled upon it whilst doing research for a different holiday. Greenland has so much to offer! First of all there is the nature. Ice caps, Icebergs, amazing animals such as polar bears, huskies, musk ox, seals, whales, rare birds, and the list goes on. And you can go on so many different Greenland tours depending on what your wants and preferences. You can go trekking, fishing, kayaking, whale watching, view northern lights, Sail along the coast, visit small villages and settlements, go skiing, eat local Inuit food. I had no idea, that Greenland tours had so much to offer! But I am very pleased that I found out, and I’ll be sure to write about the Greenlandic adventure to come on the blog. I’ll keep you updated!